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Former lead singer with Frontears| Current Band: Ten 30. Beginning of the 90's was the kick-off for my music - as typically playing the guitar. We were desperately seeking a lead singer and found ... a rapper. We were trying the shoes of "Body Count".
After a while we got a little tired of this and we split which was not taking away any of my experience playing the rhythm guitar. I stuck with my bass player and we popped in a new band which we stayed with for two years. Taking then on with my best friend, playing the strings as I did, we put together our own band called NEVERLAND.
Once again it turned to be a long row to hoe finding some vocals but this time I decided another track: trying myself with both- voice and guitar. I have always longed for that and finally made it here- luckily being fortunated and somewhat talented, I guess! We recorded a demo tape which raised the interest of a small record label. Pushed by that sudden, unexpected attention, we powered ourselves to high-output studio recordings and the finally following contract. The magazine METAL HAMMER reported a band at the same time - with the same name - and we had to rename somehow as the Texas' guys were a bit longer on the scene. That was giving birth to FRONTEARS.
Right now I was keen to do all at the same time: Singing and playing the guitar- getting on with rehearsals and fine-tuning - taking lessons - writing songs - arranging and working for the album DREAMHEALER. The result was going over like a lead ballon - bad mastering made the scoring worse with some genre magazines.
Ok, back to square one - we got a new drummer - and started off with recording the second album which I was composing most of the songs for.
Our label had changed its' distributor which made us a part of a BMG- subsidiary. They placed us at AMAZON as well - still available nowadays.
Success was on the line from now on: Producing the second album entitled "PULL-PUSH - POWER" and the press wrote jaw dropping comments. Famous and well-established magazines were asking for an interview and METAL HAMMER was even putting us on one of its' sampler CD's.
We then were wowed by PETER HEPPNER who was complimenting our label for us as the band - stunning! Not enough with that: UK was at the front door and asked to record a silver with us. That made me handing over the guitar to a great colleague and concentrating on voice and vocals with 100%. Closing all things and focusing on album no. 3 "COMMITER & VICTIMS". Once again, it was METAL HAMMER ranking us at 13 - 2 scores ahead of Jeff Scott Soto's album, an artist I really admire!
But every tale has its turn and it was the same with us - after some fighting about musical parts we split after finalizing the project album no. 4.
And that's the story right now - a complete album is waiting in the pipeline for some great, new musicians to be finally worked on and released. I am about to realize that with TEN30 as well as with my Project PH♉NIS♏ ACT.

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Since I feel determined to try new things - this is the latest. Project PH♉NIS♏ ACT || Sound 4 Freedom. Get over to the webpage - you can download the song for a LIKE ... PH♉NIS♏ ACT Webpage...


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